Friday, February 28, 2020

The Importance of Digital Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

The Importance of Digital Security - Essay Example The most essential need of every single organization is the digital security. Most importantly, the effective internet security has become a dire need for any kind of organization, small, medium or large which use the information technology and web based services to carry out their work in an easy and effective manner. As these organizations depend upon the internet, the implementation of internet security and monitoring of networks inside the organization has increased dramatically. The risks of security have increased to a great extent after the launch of broadband internet. Now-a-days, the home users and professionals, both are using this kind of internet connection. The different companies, be it private, public, non-government organizations, they all are depending upon the internet for the exchange of information. Internet also serves as the major means of communication between different channels. The risks of leakage of information and hacking of security have increased with th e dependency of organizations on the internet. KINDS OF THREATS Based on the goals and purposes of the attacks on any digital system, the threats can be categorized as STRIDE. It is an acronym which categorizes different types of threats. STRIDE stands for: Spoofing It gains access to a system by using a false identity. It can be done by using stolen user credentials or using a false IP. Tampering As data flows between two computers, it can be altered in an unauthorized manner. Repudiation These attacks are difficult to prove as the users deny that they performed any specific action. Information Disclosure When private data is unwontedly exposed, it is called information disclosure. Denial of Service It is the process that makes a system or application unavailable. Elevation of Privilege It happens when personnel with limited privileges takes up the identity of a privileged one, and performs certain privileged actions (McClure & Kurtz, 2009). Network Threats Routers, switches and fi rewalls make up the infrastructure of network. They are the gatekeepers that guard the system and applications from intrusions and attacks. The networks threats are as follows: i. Information gathering ii. Sniffing iii. Spoofing iv. Session Hijacking v. Denial of Service Information Gathering The attackers or hackers first scan the ports. After the identification of the ports, they detect the types of devices, operating system and versions of

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