Sunday, November 24, 2019

Intervention essays

Intervention essays Intervene with the Violators Over the past few decades, many Egos have been advocating and lobbying for human rights. Organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have been participants in international affairs regarding Human rights violations and mistreatments. It is the duty of the international community to intervene in any society violating and mistreating its population. By intervening, not only do the violations become publicly scrutinized, but these being mistreated receive indirect support and the governments of the violator states are infected with foreign influences intending to reestablish human dignity rather than creating war or more crimes against man. The general belief in the 20th century is that the international community should intervene in any society that violates generic human rights. Three reasons I find necessary for intervention are to maintain international security; to uphold human rights, especially the right to life; and to alleviate suffering caused by famine or other humanitarian crisis(Clemens 481). Intervention can be requested by a host government seeking aid, imposed on a government that is threatening or endangering its own people or others, or provided to states where anarchy has overran the government. Intervention is summoned because there is an injustice occurring on the international level, and many times it can not be stopped from where it is happening. Three very important types of meddling can affect the violations of human rights. Through special reporters, periodic reports, and organizations such as the European Court of Human Rights, mistreatment of people have decreased because of the UNs intervention. The United Nations created a subdivision within itself to monitor and fix human rights violations that were spotted within the participating countries. In each of ...

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