Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Effect of Unisex School Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

The Effect of Unisex School - Research Paper Example The researcher states that unisex school or coeducation school is therefore a simple, but yet very important question which needs to be answered. In many societies unisex education is still very common. Different societies have different reasons of it. In some societies unisex education is still in practice because of their customs and traditions, in some societies unisex education is considered a better way of imparting education while in some unisex education is offered just as an option along with coeducation. The main reason for endorsement of unisex education was to keep the students ethically decent. It was assumed that the members of the opposite sex send temptations to each other due to which it was considered to be harmful for the society. It was believed that boys and girls studying together can indulge in activities which destroy their moral. They might have a physical relationship even before they are legalized to do so. This may give rise to social problems and therefore until the mid of 20th century coeducation was not common. Many conservative societies also oppose the idea of coeducation. Conservative parents have the fear that their child, especially girls, might become a victim of their male counterparts during the age of puberty. However, time has proved that all these fears and ideas are nothing but misconceptions. In conclusion, the researcher suggests that unisex education has a lot more cons than pros. Some of them are discussed in detail in this research paper.

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